Saturday, August 25, 2007

Class Library documentation complete!

I've just completed the documentation of the class library. Most of the content is taken from MSDN (as it should be, given this framework mirrors the behavior of IIS 5.x and IIS 6.0 regarding ISAPI Filters into the .NET managed environment).

To be most effective at understanding the implications and possible uses of a managed filter browse the documentation available on MSDN. Some content you should be familiar with can be found in:

Believe me these are some of the best places where to find the raw information about IIS and ISAPI Filters. In there you should be able to grasp the most native concepts and start applying them with a managed perspective to Filter.NET.

Feel free to post questions to myself as well :)


michaeln said...

Outstanding article on CodeProject in regaurds to your Managed Filters article. Have you considered the possibility of using this filter to allow IIS to front subversion, as is now done with Apache? I am in the process of doing research to see if this is indeed possible. Any insight?


Keep up the good work!

Tiago Halm said...


Thanks for the comment :)

Apache interfaces with Subversion by extending WebDAV (mod_dav_svn IIRC). Extending WebDAV on IIS would require an ISAPI Extension not an ISAPI Filter.

Unfortunately, the current Filter.NET framework only exposes the ISAPI Filter API, not the ISAPI Extension API.

When/If I have time and some support, I might invest in doing the same for the ISAPI Extension API :) Who knows? ...


michaeln said...

Ahh. I thought it was the other way around (after poking around on MSDN - but I obviously don't have quite a grip on it yet :) ). Maybe I'll do some additional research.


Fondea said...

Keep up the good work.